Dementia Friendly Spots network in Slovenia

Spominčica Alzheimer Slovenia was founded in 1997 by the doctor Aleš Kogoj, which has ten branches within Slovenia. It is a member of Alzheimer Europe, and Alzheimer Disease International (ADI). The main goal of Spominčica is to give support to people with dementia, and to their carers. And to raise awareness about dementia in Slovenia, as there is still a lot of stigma in the society.

As a response to detected real needs of persons with dementia living at home, in 2016 Spominčica - Alzheimer Slovenija (www.spomincica.si) started developing education programme for employees in organizations providing services accessible to public. The first DFS was opened in July 2017 at the Human Rights Ombudsman office after the employees training. The opening was covered by national media. EWGPWD member presented his life with dementia and stressed the importance of building dementia inclusive society.

Dementia Friendly Spots (DFS) network is a national awareness raising and education programme involving a wide spectrum of organizations in local communities. It helps create a dementia-friendly environment by providing information, ensuring social inclusion, acceptance and safety of persons with dementia and their families. Member organizations provide friendly and accessible use of their services for persons with dementia, share the information and knowledge about dementia and promote the dementia friendly principles in the community. The expansion of DFS received a great impetus with the help of funds obtained in the tender of the Ministry of Health Call for tender to co-finance education and awareness programs for dementia management in 2017 and 2018.