Project conceptualization and management

Katrin Seeher (project manager), Tarun Dua, Dévora Kestel


Valuable help and advice was received from various organizations, experts, and people living with dementia who have contributed to the development of the Global Dementia Observatory Knowledge Exchange Platform (GDO KE), including but not limited to those mentioned below.

Peer reviewers

The World Health Organization (WHO) is thankful to its extensive global network of peer reviewers, which currently includes over 60 members from all parts of the world.

People with lived experience of dementia

WHO would like to especially thank members of the GDO Focus Group on Dementia, who are people with lived experience of dementia, located globally, and whose contributions have been invaluable.

WHO Headquarters

At headquarters, a team comprising staff members, consultants and interns provided technical guidance and support to the project. The team included: Alison Brunier, Kenneth Carswell, Neerja Chowdhary, Stéfanie Fréel, Michal Herz, Michael Hill, Kavitha Kolappa, Rodrigo Cataldi, Artin Mahdanian, and Kenneth Piercy.

WHO Regional Offices

Nazneen Anwar, Regional Office for South East Asia; Florence Baingana, Regional Office for Africa; Andrea Bruni, Regional Office for the Americas; Claudina Cayetano, Regional Office for the Americas; Daniel Chisholm, Regional Office for Europe; Carmen Martinez, Regional Office for the Americas; Renato Oliveira e Souza, Regional Office for the Americas; Khalid Saeed, Regional Office for the Eastern Mediterranean; and Martin Vandendyck, Regional Office for the Western Pacific.

Production team

Graphic design: Van Emnacen, Philippines

Platform development: Universal Doctors, Italy, Spain and United Kingdom

Financial support

WHO acknowledges the financial support from the Consumers, Health, Agriculture and Food Executive Agency (CHAFEA, an Executive Agency of the European Union), Germany, Japan, the Netherlands, Public Health Agency of Canada, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.