Alzheimer's Disease Foundation Malaysia Community Corner

Alzheimer’s Disease Foundation, Malaysia (ADFM) was established in 1997 to support people living with dementia, their caregivers and family. In 1998, ADFM became a provisional member of Alzheimer’s Disease International. ADFM’s mission is to promote dementia awareness in Malaysia and to support Malaysians living with dementia and their families. ADFM’s ongoing efforts to raise awareness about dementia and support people living with dementia led to a collaboration between Atria Shopping Mall and ADFM which resulted in the creation of Atira-ADFM Community Corner (AACC). AACC is a space on the 3rd floor of Atria’s Shopping Mall. AACC was created to provide a community friendly and inclusive space for opportunities for open dialogue and exchange of ideas, information and resources regarding dementia. Since 2017, a AACC has hosted several dementia-inclusive activities including: 

  • Cognitive stimulation and physical activities  
  • Dementia-inclusive handicraft workshops  
  • Singing groups 
  • Dementia and brain health awareness events  

Additionally, at the AACC, ADFM provides cognitive stimulation therapy to individuals with a diagnosis of dementia.  

On average, 163 people living with dementia and 152 caregivers attend programming offered at AACC each month. The many activities and awareness events hosted at AACC have been well received by people living with dementia, caregivers and the wider community. Most importantly, the AACC has improved social inclusiveness for people living with dementia. 

Through AACC, Atria Shopping Mall has earned an accolade for being the first dementia-friendly mall in the world. The former Deputy Minister of Women, Family & Community Development, YB Hannah Yeoh made a visit in 2019 and has encouraged other shopping malls to emulate the work being done at Atria Shopping Mall and to work with ADFM to expand this work nationally.  

ADFM will continue to play a role in helping Malaysians living with dementia, caregivers, and the wider community by continuing to provide care, training, talks, advocate and support in the areas that people living with dementia identify of importance to them. ADFM is committed to continuing working with other NGOs, support groups, universities, health institutions and corporate bodies to raise the standard of dementia care, improve the quality of life of people living with dementia and increase awareness to reduce the stigma surrounding dementia. 

OSK Foundation has generously supported ADFM for its operations and AACC since 2018. ADFM is sincerely appreciative of OSK Foundation’s support in helping our activities at AACC.   

For more information about ADfM please visit: www.adfm.org.my