Building Dementia-Friendly Communities (DFCs) In Singapore

To make Singapore a dementia-friendly nation, the Agency for Integrated Care (AIC), with the support of Ministry of Health (MOH), partners key community stakeholders, to set up Dementia-Friendly Communities (DFCs) in various neighbourhoods across Singapore. In a DFC, the community understands dementia, and persons with dementia (PWD) and their families feel included and are supported, empowered and enabled to live well in the community.

DFCs are set up based on the “3Es” framework (Engage, Empower and Enable) with activities focusing on dementia prevention and early detection, and providing support for PWD and their caregivers.


Community members such as residents, businesses and grassroot leaders are engaged by AIC through talks and house visits to raise awareness of dementia so that a supportive network (i.e. Dementia Friends and Champions) is built within the community.


As a strong network is built amongst community partners, social service agencies, healthcare providers, businesses and faith-based organisations, PWD, their caregivers, and the community are empowered with accessible and coordinated care and support.

Go-To Points (GTPs) are set up in the community to serve as a resource centre and to act as a safe return point for PWD who are lost. Caregiver Support Network (CSN) are established for dementia caregivers to befriend and support each other.


PWD and their caregivers are enabled to live well in the community via technology and infrastructure enhancements:

  • Dementia Friends mobile application was launched to provide helpful resources on dementia and caregiving. Caregivers can tap on the network of Dementia Friends (via the app) to look for loved ones with dementia that are lost.
  • Infrastructure in DFCs are enhanced to make the environment safe and easy to navigate for PWD.

Presently, we have established 10 DFCs in Singapore, and by building more, we hope to create a caring and inclusive society for PWD and their caregivers.