Strengthening capacites for dementia in Slovenia

Slovenia in 2016 adopted the Dementia Management Strategy in Slovenia until 2020. The strategy summarizes the essential elements and commitments contained in the documents adopted in EU, UN and WHO. The purpose of the strategy is to ensure preventive measures, early detection of the disease and an appropriate standard of health and social protection and health care for people with dementia.

In order to successfully implement the national strategy, suitably qualified staff and an informed professional and lay public are of key importance. The Ministry of Health, in accordance with the guidelines of the national strategy in 2017, conducted a Call for tender to co-finance education and awareness programs key objectives: - strengthening the capacities and competencies of professionals in the care chain for people with dementia in different settings;- raising awareness of individual occupational and other target groups in the local environment to create a dementia-friendly environment;- reducing differences between individual Slovenian regions.

In order to apply for programs an intention had been established to form a consortium of at least three partners from the psychiatric, neurological and social care professions.

Over 350 lectures were conducted, attended by more than 10,000 listeners in all regions.

UKC Ljubljana, the Neurological Clinic, the University Psychiatric Clinic Ljubljana, the Social Chamber of Slovenia and SpominĨica-Alzheimer Slovenije have the most credit for exceeding the objectives of the tender. Dementia-Friendly Point campaign from SpominĨica-Alzheimer Slovenija has achieved such success that we want to present it separately.